Life with Kayode Fahm

Life with Kayode Fahm

Kayode Fahm

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Travel And Exploration
This episode highlights the importance and values of travelling and how exploring can help change and modify our life
Change And Transformation
we all are the change we are waiting for and this episode discusses how change and transformation is the way forward in order to be a success story
The Final Frontier
Learn how living in the past is disrespectful to our future but the pain of the past can be exploited into treasures of wisdom, growth and productivity.
Charity And Philanthropy
Kayode travels to Dakar, Senegal to meet a social entrepreneur who set up a foundation to help young athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds to realize their potential
Living with a Terminal Illness
This episode discusses the importance of awareness, prevention and perspective of terminal illness on a personal level or in relation to your loved ones
Leadership And Teamwork
We feature a live leadership coaching session in Nairobi, Kenya with a cohort of young leadership fellow, many of whom are entrepreneurs.
Art And Creativity
Learning about creativity from various genres of life and also featuring insights from a celebrated actress and a renowned visual artist on what being an artist means to them
Health And Fitness
An insightful conversation with an experienced chef based in LA, USA on nutrition and healthy living. Also feature a talk with the fitness and strength coach at the number one gym in Dubai.
Money And Success
We discusses some of the erroneous perceptions surrounding having lots of money and being successful.
We explore the growing trend of young Africans across the continent, their desire and quest for alternative or unconventional careers and lifestyles in Entrepreneurship
Living The Dream
Featuring the perspective views of two renowned Hollywood coaches and also features a Nigerian celebrity TV host and a Kenyan film entrepreneur.
Finding Fulfillment
We visit Kibera slums to meet an inspiring filmmaker and travels to Korogosho slums where the study of classical music has given some youths a greater meaning and purpose.
Supporting Our Women
We feature the work of Africa's first female Nobel laureate and also features a Nollywood celebrity and an internationally acclaimed contemporary artist