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Frequently Asked Questions
We like to define Vibeoo as a community, a vibe. For both the listener, or the show host. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are, you are always listening to what matters to you when you want to
For news, bants, laughs and so much more, we have 12 main categories for listeners to explore on Vibeoo.
That’s the best part! Vibeoo is 100% free for listeners and content creators. Sign up here today.
Your earnings are displayed on your host dashboard so you can track when you need to.
Yes. Your earnings on Vibeoo are yours to take home.
You get a credit transaction in your registered bank account on Vibeoo. This notification is either sent via SMS or Email
Hosts get a percentage of advertising spend on each listen for their shows. Join content creators using Vibeoo to earn here
We don’t have a bonus yet for that but Vibeoo rewards content creators with more earnings, the more you grow
You can access your earnings in Vibeoo once a month, at a date you choose. There are no limits to how much you can withdraw and your account is credited within 24 hours